Looking to learn SEO?

So you want to learn search engine optimization (SEO)? Well if your answer is yes then you are at the right place to learn SEO. Before getting into seo training section, firstly we will understand what actually SEO is and why you should learn it.

What is SEO?

what is seo

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology that is used to improve the visibility of a web-page or website on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In simple words SEO helps your website to get high rankings on search engines.

Why SEO?

Having a website is not enough until it gives you more exposure as per your goals. SEO helps you to complete your goals and targets from your website.

You will be agree with my point that nobody will open your website until you asked him to open or you have advertised your website on business card or somewhere on banners. How it will be if thousands of people visit your website daily without putting so much efforts?

Obviously it will be great and SEO is there to help your website to get thousands of viewers. You can’t deny the fact that lot of things you search on Google and Yahoo to get information and details. As you search something on google we have 10 results on first page. These top 10 results are coming just because of Search Engine Optimization.

Just imagine how it will be if in one of those 10 results, there is your website as well? It will be awesome for your business as well when people go to your website from search engines as people believe that Google provide them correct information and yes it does.

So learning SEO and implementing it on your website will help you to get more exposure to your business.

If you don’t have business, product or service, then still you should learn SEO because there is still you chance to make money from doing SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Advantages of SEO training

There are several advantages of learning SEO:-

1. If you have product, service or business, then learning SEO can help you to explore your business online easily and will help you reach at royal customer.

2. SEO drives quality traffic towards your website that can help you to get more business and sales as well.

3. If you have hired someone for your website’s online marketing campaign, then learning SEO will help you to know where your website needs exposure. You will be able to monitor what’s going on, on your website.

4. If you are a student and want to purse the career in SEO, it will be great for you in near future as the industry is in boom and in 3-4 years from now will be at it’s best. It’s a golden opportunity for Computer & IT engineers.

5. Thousands of jobs are available in the market for SEO executives, specialists and managers, but there are not so much candidates. So it will be great opportunity for you to grab those job offers. Companies are willing to pay handsome packages.

6. You can start your own company as well by learning Search Engine Optimization with some experience in the field.

7. One can provide SEO services, consultancy to companies by learning Search Engine Optimization.

Who can learn SEO?

The great thing about SEO is that anybody can learn it. It means a 5th class guy can learn search engine optimization and he can join class with a 50 years old person. So it clearly suggests that anyone can learn SEO.

It doesn’t matter who you are whether an engineer, Charted Accountant, doctor, graduate or a post graduate. SEO requires regular involvement, passion and keep working attitude.

NOTE: There is no programming language required to learn SEO.

After learning SEO, you’ll be able to get job easily in the digital world. Lots of jobs are available for SEO executives, digital marketers, social media marketers and so on.

Get SEO jobs easily after learning SEO from Ajmer.

What would you learn in training?

  • How search engine works
  • Website structure: domain (name, type, age), URL structure
  • Keywords / key phrases understanding
  • Keywords analysis
  • Basics of SEO
  • On page seo
  • Off page seo

Tools Understandability:

  • Google Webmaster tool
  • Google Analytics

Apart from these, you will work on live project so that you implement things along with learning. You can get course details more here.

Duration and fees for Training

It’s 45 hours training session and for fess and further queries you can call at +91-756 856 7373 or can fill this contact form.

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